Translations and Other Language Solutions for the Tourism Industry

The tourism industry is experiencing increasingly faster growth and development, and any representative of this industry wants to communicate their message in as many languages as needed. You are tourism professionals, who know the best ways of approaching travellers, while we are language professionals, who can translate your words into more than 110 languages.
Various tourism marketing and advertising materials are considered to be one of the most widely translated types of texts in the world. This is where quality matters. Need to localise your hotel’s website? Want to translate your tourism brochure? Or maybe you would like to adapt your restaurant’s menu to foreign guests?
We offer more than just translations. Skrivanek language specialists have been providing high-quality language solutions to the tourism industry for 20 years – we don’t simply translate texts, we adapt them to the cultural specifics of each country. We can confidently say that your clients will understand you.
Whether you need a written translation or interpreter’s services at various conferences or international fairs, the Skrivanek team will help you find the most suitable solution. Whereas, if your employees need to brush up on their foreign language skills, they are welcome to the Skrivanek Baltic Language School in Riga.
The Skrivanek team consists of translators and interpreters who not only have philological education but also vast knowledge about history, architecture, arts, fashion, music and gastronomy, which is why we are your best choice.
Hospitality and catering, tourist accommodation, organising of trips, representations of cities and municipalities abroad – we will find specialists knowledgeable in the respective fields to make sure your translations are up to par.
We provide the following services to the tourism industry in all of the most popular European languages:
  • translation of advertising and marketing materials (pamphlets, brochures, and catalogues) alongside desktop publishing services;
  • translation and localisation of websites;
  • translation of holiday catalogues and travel itineraries;
  • localisation of audio guides and video files;
  • simultaneous or consecutive interpreting at various events, including international trade fairs, accommodation of large tourist groups, seminars and conferences;
  • specialised language training;
  • any other language services you may need.
Contact us! We will gladly hear you out and develop a solution that is tailored to your needs.