Translations and Other Language Solutions for the Legal Industry

Your represented legal industry affects countless other procedures and processes, even human fate, so you better than anyone understand how important the right choice of words and phrasing can be. Skrivanek language specialists are well-orientated in the legal system, which means our language solutions will let you concentrate on your core business.
Whether you need translations of contracts, laws and regulations, or court decisions, or interpreting services during court proceedings, Skrivanek language specialists will be there for you.
Our team includes specialists who are familiar with the nature of legal texts and are able to translate the source text in a way that preserves both the content and legal meaning of the original document in the respective foreign language. When translating legal texts and documents, we strictly abide by the drafting and formatting requirements.
Confidentiality is our priority when working with texts and clients of any industry. We are certified according to ISO 27001 and ISO 9001. We are proud and grateful for active cooperation with various government and municipal institutions, EU agencies, and well-known law firms.
We provide the following services to the legal industry in all of the most popular European language combinations:
  • translation of laws, regulations and drafts thereof;
  • translation of contracts and projects thereof;
  • translation of court decisions and case-law;
  • translation of notices, claims and applications;
  • translation of powers of attorney;
  • translation of expert opinions and conclusions;
  • simultaneous or consecutive interpreting at various events, including court proceedings and simultaneous interpreting in sign language;
  • specialised language training for different levels of knowledge;
  • assistant services to foreign representatives;
  • and other languages solutions you may need.
Contact us! We will gladly hear you out and develop a solution that is tailored to your needs. We are willing to sign a confidentiality agreement before starting our cooperation.