Translations and Other Language Solutions for Government and Municipal Institutions

Public sector institutions rely on quick communication among employees, as well as with foreign partners and the public. Information provided in a clear and timely manner facilitates the work of government and municipal institutions. This is why you will benefit from collaborating with Skrivanek.
During our 25 years of activity, we have established strong long-term cooperation with government institutions, such as several ministries of the Republic of Latvia, State Chancellery, the Court Administration and the Prosecution Office, as well as other government and municipal institutions working with restricted access information. Skrivanek Baltic Language School was the one to prepare officials for the Latvian presidency in the Council of the European Union. We regularly participate in price pools and tenders with good success.
To make sure that information reaches its target audience, it has to be provided accurately, timely, and in several languages and formats. Skrivanek translators can carry out translations in a variety of formats necessary for the operation of management systems, quality management, ensuring the operation of IT systems, as well as cooperation and communication with EU institutions. Our language specialists can also contribute to the development of tourism in your municipality by providing high-quality translations of informative materials on various tourism objects, as well to the promotion of regional business by preparing materials intended for attracting foreign investors.
For communication with the public, we provide different types of interpreting services. Due to our vast experience, we can carry out translations necessary in the daily work of your institution, while your employees can improve their language skills at our Language School in Riga. When you are looking to evaluate the language skills of your potential employees, look no further than our dedicated language competence audit tool FOCUS. Furthermore, our specialists can assist you in the interviewing process to determine language knowledge levels.
We provide the following services to government and municipal institutions in all of the most popular European language combinations:
  • localisation of websites and translation of various informative materials and presentations;
  • online language competence audit tool FOCUS;
  • consecutive and simultaneous interpreting at various events and in communication with the public;
  • language courses of different intensity for all knowledge levels;
  • translation of contracts, laws and legal materials;
  • other services your institution may need.
Contact us! We will gladly hear you out and develop a solution that is tailored to your needs.