Translations and Other Language Solutions for the Construction Industry

Working in the construction industry, you must know how important precision and deadlines are. You are professionals who can’t afford any deviations, because you understand how significant even the tiniest details are, and it is important to you that your partners are just as responsible.

Skrivanek provides accurate and technically precise translation, interpreting and other language solutions to construction companies and is very conscientious when it comes to deadlines. Our team consists of language specialists with a background and knowledge in construction-specific matters, while our experienced project managers do their best to ensure a smooth work process, even on the most difficult projects.


Whether you need a written translation or interpreter’s services at business meetings, Skrivanek language specialists will ensure the highest-quality results for all translations, including corporate publications, tender regulations and specifications, various marketing materials, technical project documentation, and any other texts you may need translated.


Our team of language specialists includes not only people with philological education, but also people with a background in engineering sciences, which is crucial in ensuring the use of correct terminology. Building construction, road construction, various specialised indoor construction works, electrical installation, architect services, or any other type of construction work – we will pay attention to every detail, because this is the only way to ensure technically accurate translations that are up to standart.


Skrivanek provides the following services to the construction industry in all of the most popular European languages:

  • translation of technical documentation for tenders and separate stages thereof;
  • translation of various marketing materials in digital and printed format, including sales materials, product fact sheets and brochures;
  • translation and formatting of drawings and layouts, including DTP solutions;
  • translation of construction agreements, regulations and licences;
  • translation of estimates and certificates;
  • translations for the architecture industry;
  • simultaneous or consecutive interpreting at various events, including conferences, business lunches or dinners, and business meetings;
  • and other language solutions you might need.
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