Translations and Other Language Solutions for the IT and Gaming Industries

Information technology (IT) industry speaks its own language. As IT specialists, you are well aware of the importance of accurate terminology in communication with your colleagues and the importance of simply conveying information to the end user. Skrivanek language specialists build bridges between IT specialists and clients, creating texts that are user friendly. 

Skrivanek provides accurate and precise translation and interpreting services to IT and gaming companies and is very conscientious when it comes to deadlines. Our team includes experienced language specialists who are well-versed in IT terminology and the latest industry developments and are able to precisely render technical specifications of products. 


Whether you need a written translation, localisation or interpreting services at various business meetings, Skrivanek will be there for you.

Skrivanek language specialists will produce high-quality texts of all of your materials, including various manuals, technical descriptions, corporate publications, marketing materials and other texts. The knowledge of our specialists allows us to carry out localisation of software and computer games at a high level. Our specialists use different automated programs in the translation and localisation process that help to preserve program codes and commands that are so crucial in the IT industry. 
We provide the following services to the IT industry in more than 100 language combinations:

  • localisation of software and computer games;
  • translation of AdWords;
  • translation of operation manuals;
  • preparation of corporate materials;
  • translation of comparative reviews, articles and press releases;
  • translation of agreements, regulations and licences;
  • simultaneous or consecutive interpreting at various events, including seminars, conferences and business meetings;
  • any other language services you may need.
Contact us! We will gladly hear you out and develop a solution that is tailored to your needs.