Translations and Other Language Solutions for the Insurance Industry

Insurance is an industry based on trust, where only professionals can succeed. To achieve the desired results, you need a partner who is well-versed in the industry practices and terminology, as well as in different types of insurance services, thus being able to provide suitable solutions. The Skrivanek team includes translators and interpreters with experience in the industry and knowledge of different types of insurance: real estate insurance, health and life insurance, reinsurance, business insurance, vehicle insurance, etc. This is why our solutions are the best for your needs.

Whether you are looking for written translations, text improvement, or interpreting services at seminars and conferences, we will not let you down. The experience of our specialists guarantees that translations in the insurance industry will meet your expectations. We use the corporate communication style and the appropriate terminology to make sure that the texts are not only accurate but also help in building your company’s image.

When choosing Skrivanek, you can be confident that we will take responsibility for our work, regardless of whether you have asked us to prepare a sales material package in a foreign language or a description of complicated medical manipulations. We understand the nature of the insurance industry, are well-informed and aware of the current trends, and are always ready to improve our insurance knowledge.

We provide the following services to the insurance industry in all of the most popular European languages:
  • translation of various general insurance contracts;
  • translation of insurance terms and conditions;
  • translation of company agreements for collective insurance;
  • translation of offers and business plans;
  • translation of information regarding policyholders and insurance claims;
  • translation of insurance certificates;
  • translation of claim forms and standard claim follow-up letters;
  • simultaneous or consecutive interpreting at various events, including business meetings, seminars, and conferences;
  • translation of all types of marketing materials for promoting your services;
  • any other services you may need.
Contact us! We will gladly hear you out and develop a solution that is tailored to your needs.