Translations and Other Language Solutions for the HR Industry

Your goal in the human resources (HR) industry is to find and attract the top specialists in their field, who are able and willing to contribute to your projects.

The Skrivanek team consists of language specialists who will help you find the right words in a foreign language so you may choose the best of the best to cooperate with. It is especially important when looking for employees who need to be able to communicate in several languages: our unique FOCUS tool will help you quickly and efficiently find out what language skills your candidates have and what their level of knowledge is.


Whenever your employees are in need of improving their language skills, they are welcome to the Skrivanek Baltic Language School in Riga, which offers language courses of different levels and intensity.


In human resources it is important to communicate the same company values to all employees, regardless of the language they are communicated in. Skrivanek language specialists will ensure precise translation and interpretation services in any of the biggest European languages, making sure that your intended meaning is not lost in translation.


Skrivanek translators will provide qualitative translations of all the documents you might need translated, including work contracts, company regulations, internal corporate messages and others. Our language specialists perfectly understand the differences between various cultures and local markets and are thus able to create texts for specific audiences in any country and in any language. Furthermore, we can adapt texts to any target audience.


We provide the following solutions to the human resources industry in all of the most popular European languages:

  • translation of work contracts and other agreements;
  • participation in work interviews and evaluation of candidate language skills;
  • translation of internal rules;
  • translation of internal communication materials;
  • translation of recommendation letters;
  • simultaneous or consecutive interpreting at various events, including conferences, business lunches or dinners, and business meetings;
  • online language competence audit tool FOCUS;
  • and other language solutions you may need.
Contact us! We will gladly hear you out and develop a solution tailored to your needs.